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Expert Astronomer

I love to collect Astronomy books and impress my family with my star knowledge.

My favorite

Skilled Mathematician

I love Richard Feynman's favorite math book series called "Math for the practical man" <- or girl!.

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Future Scientist

I like to live on Mars and build the first space ships that could travel light speed.

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My daddy always jokes that I sleep with math books under my pillow. I am too young to understand most of them, but I still love reading and studying math! One day, I'll be the best mathematician and use my knowledge to build faster than light space ships. Also: I LOVE bunnies. They are the cutest thing ever.

What you always wanted to know about me

I am a 6 year old German-American girl growing up in Florida.

I have 3 siblings - two brothers and one sister. I spend most of my time reading, drawing, riding my new bike, playing with my friend Luciana-Sky and memorizing the digits of pi (I know 20 digits already!!).

If you have similar interests drop me an email. I hope you come back soon.

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